Jonny Collins

Please feel free to contact me, ask any questions, get photos, etc. Use the e-mail addresses just over there or communicate on Facebook. There’s a Jonny Collins artist page which is checked regularly. Just search for me, find hundreds of people across the world with the same name and give up. Or click the link. 

You can follow me on Twitter too, @jonnycollins, or @modestyblaiseuk.

If you’d like me to play live, or have any suggestions where I should play, then please get in touch. I’m always up for doing stuff that’s interesting.

But what is it that you do Mr Collins? I can play a guitar and sing at the same time. And I can play records, DJing as some call it.

My esteemed group is called Modesty Blaise, check out the links. Modesty Blaise are back and playing live again, please use the same links to contact Modesty Blaise. I am also involved in the New Parnassus Club which is a classical music club night.

I thank you.


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