Jonny Collins

Welcome to the Jonny Collins website, please find the link above to Modesty Blaise.

Jonny Collins has fronted Modesty Blaise for a good long while and the fact that their pace of work is oft described as "glacial" is entirely his own fault. In the meantime he has amused himself with various side projects; decorating the kitchen, fathering far too many children, doing the shopping, climbing K2, that sort of thing.

I’m pleased to announce SoLaR, a collaborative project with Roger Huckle of Bristol Ensemble ( An acoustic reworking of some old songs and some new songs for acoustic guitar and violin. We’ll be debuting live at Theatre Gates’ Sanctum Bristol ( installation at Temple Church in Bristol. We can’t tell you when so you’ll just have to hang out there for a month. Then it’s off to the studio to get an album’s worth recorded. See you there.

Forthcoming projects include a new Modesty Blaise single scheduled for the Autumn to be followed by the new album. There is also a solo Jonny Collins album in the offing. A period of activity may actually ensue.