We’ve changed address, what used to be, is now, largely because we are internationalists but also because somebody snapped up our domain while we weren’t paying attention.

Modesty Blaise single

Released July 2013, Savage Bee presented the MB single, I Love You. More than a decade in the making, the follow up to Carol Mountain. It sounds just like.....Modesty Blaise. Have a look at the video on the Photo & video page.

We have a Facebook page, of course we do. Or search for The Modesty Blaise. We’re also on Twitter so follow us @modestyblaiseuk. Or use #modestyblaise. is currently being redesigned, or designed if you will. In the meantime knock yourselves out with access to two (yes 2!) old MB websites. Remember there may be broken links, there will certainly be email forms that go nowhere and definitely lots of carefully calculated misinformation. Don’t worry about all of that, they’re web archives.

So here’s the first Modesty Blaise website in fetching yellow and blue/grey.

And here’s the version from 2004, with lovely bubbles design.  

As for current MB projects, you’ll be thrilled to know that the third Modesty Blaise album proper (not including A Beginner’s Guide... which was a compilation) The Modesty Blaise is more than half completed. So there is recording being done.

Want to see Modesty Blaise play live? Book us. Make it interesting, we like interesting.

If you’d like to contact us then please don’t use the old sites, we won’t get it. Use all the links on the Communicate page.


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