Jonny Collins

There’s loads of stuff hanging around, you may even have some photos yourself, send them in I’d love to see them. Here are some things that you might like.


Photo &Video

Jennifer Reiter of Colour Me Pop made this video of Girls Just Wanna Dance at the Big Pink Cake Weekender, Sunday 7 November 2010.

Colston Hall, Bristol 17/09/10

Big Pink Cake, Bristol 07/11/10

Poplove @ Cafe Mono, Oslo 01/10/01

Arlene’s Grocery, New York 11/11/03

FNAC, Madrid 31/10/02

Thunderbolt, Bristol 05/01/08

Let’s Dance and Make Up, King Kong Klub, Berlin, 17/02/12

The Thunderbolt, Bristol 29/04/11

Colour Me Pop,

London 30/06/12

And here is the video for Commercial Suicide is complete. Shot on location at our country estate, in all it’s HD glory.

Modesty Blaise


London 8/12/12

Here is the video for the Modesty Blaise single, I Love You, shot in and around Bristol with the live elements done at The Thunderbolt on 12 July 2013.